This unusual river island (ada) lying between two branches of River Bojana is the southernmost point of Montenegro. It is a heaven for nudists and off limit for all those who don’t want to adapt to their ways. Yet, a little bit of nudity is bountifully rewarded with its untamed nature and feeling of isolation from the world which leaves a permanent impact on all those who visit it.

There are two tourist objects on Ada Bojana: bungalow apartments and an auto camp. All those who are not staying in these are admitted to the island only after 5 p.m. This is not a bad as it sounds as this is possibly the nicest time of the day on Ada, often ending with an enchanting sunset.

Ada Bojana

The island’s origin is an interesting story in itself: it came to being after a merchant ship sailing in 1858 towards Shkoder sank in the mouth of river Bojana, gradually the wreck collected sand around it until the river Bojana; gradually the wreck collected sand around it until the river was forced to split its course. The result is a sand island covered in low shrub except for this sides close to the river that have more verdant vegetation. Ada’s beach is 3 km of fine sands washed by the high waves that are given impetus by the ever present breeze. This fact makes it popular with wind and kite surfers, although their clubs are located on the southern tip of Velika pla?a beach. However, the number one sport here is beach volleyball played for fun by almost everyone, either on the sand or, due to the very gradual descent into the sea, in knee-deep water.

You can roam around the island dressed but to bath on the beach you will have to undress. Possibly the nicest spot for swimming is at the northern tip of the beach where fresh river water mixes with the salty sea forming brackish water that attracts not only swimmers but also a colony of sea gulls.


Ada Bojana







The only approach to Ada Bojana is from the Ulcinj side where a bridge linking it to the mainland stands. On both of its sides there is a number of seafood restaurants rendered by many as the best in Montenegro, not only for their fresh fish but also for the special kind of easygoing clientele. Amongst this merry group of eateries many are built on stilts above the river and some kalimera fishing nets.

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